RULES – القواعد

PARTICULAR RULES - القواعد الخاصة

The Spearfishing World Cup for Clubs will take place in two consecutive days of competition of five (5) hours each one, in the northern coast of Tunisia.
This geographic area will be divided in three (3) areas named “Competition areas”, two (2) primary areas where competition will take place and one (1) reserve area in case the weather conditions make it unsafe for people and boats to operate in the primary areas. These areas will be named Zone A -, Zone B - and Reserve zone.

GENERAL RULES - القواعد العامة

The CMAS Technical Delegate will confirm the order of the competition areas no later than one hour before the start of the first competition day.
The CMAS Technical Delegate can, if he considers it necessary, reduce the time of the competition day compared to the initially scheduled time, during the competition day or at the start of the competition day, for safety reasons, if weather conditions are severe.